Debunking the myth of the Blood Countess

We've all heard the stories before.  The Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, bathing in virgin blood to retain her youth and beauty, savagely torturing, mutilating, and killing over 600 young women,  thus earning her the title of most prolific female serial killer in history and the inspiration for bloody vampire tales. But recent doubts have risen... Continue Reading →

Biohacking- It’s Not About Creating Frankenstein

If you open up the science and you allow diverse groups to participate, it could really stimulate innovation. -Ellen Jorgenson founder of Genspace DNA code sequencing is getting easier, cheaper, and more consumer friendly; it’s a no longer just practiced in a government lab. Science regularly offers breakthroughs and innovations, like in embryonic stem cell... Continue Reading →

Pizza Hut and Driverless Delivery

Apparently Pizza Hut is a fan of Black Mirror. Earlier this week, Pizza Hut announced its plans for a fleet of driverless delivery vans--an announcement which caught me off guard as I had just recently watched the Black Mirror season 4 episode "Crocodile" in which a man is hit by--you guessed it--a driverless pizza delivery van. This news... Continue Reading →

Technophobia and Fear of the Corporation 

For all of the utopian visions of the future, with robots and spaceships and holodecks, there is an underlying fear of technology which often drives stories and films in the science fiction genre. In their essay on technophobia, authors Michael Ryan and Douglas Kellner write that science fiction films concerning the fears of technology often... Continue Reading →

Stereotypes Among the Stars

Western science fiction often presents fantastical ideas of the future, with robots and spaceships and groups of people living and working together in harmony. Yet for all of the ideas of progress, SF relies heavily on the current values, ideas, and stereotypes of the time period, often marginalizing, ignoring and stereotyping other races, presenting anyone... Continue Reading →

Season’s End: Riverdale

After an uneven first few episodes, Riverdale offers an entertaining and chilling season conclusion. I didn't actually think I would be that interested in Riverdale, a mature CW adaptation of the popular Archie comics I read as a child. I never really watched shows that featured twenty-something-year-olds trying to pass off as high school students while navigating the complicated... Continue Reading →

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